Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Last night in Kashmir

I remember the dreadful night when I asked my mother if we were going to die
Ma pulled me in her arms and said that we going to peacefully lie;
I wondered if it was a nightmare or the reality
People lying dead in blood and falling prey to their cruelty;
Did they have no hearts?
When they saw bodies and their parts;
Didn’t they have mercy in their eyes
When they heard peoples’ cries;
What have they done to my heaven
Don’t they realize it’s inhuman;
God, give them faith, give them peace, and lessen their wrath
I can see no more, help me calm my soul coz I am losing my faith.


  1. hey i wrote a song on kashmir a few months ago. it's from the point of view of kashmir and it's called bleeding me. it goes like this:-

    all these faces
    in the street
    all these races
    bleeding me

    men of fourteen
    and boys of forty
    exchanging bullets
    and bleeding me

    all they want
    is to be
    set free
    set free

    all the hatred
    in their heart
    all these fences
    ripping me apart

    all the children
    in the street
    scars on their bodies
    but it's me who bleeds

    all they want
    is to be
    set free
    set free

    freedom is all they want
    freedom is all they need
    freedom is all they want
    please stop bleeding me

    i saw a pic in the paper where small kids were hurling stones at the police and that made me write this. what do you think?