Wednesday, October 20, 2010

My love

It was when I saw him and felt the sparkle in his eyes
But I didn’t know if it was for me or was it a disguise;

I feel my heart skip a beat
Every time our eyes meet;

Oh, does he know how I feel
That his words make my heart heal

Oh, does he know how I feel
When he looks at me with a kid’s zeal;

Alas, I cannot say anything to him
 When I see him, my breaths go dim;

I rehearse what to say next
But get upset when fail to express’t

I pray to god every night and plea
May he make him fall in love with me


I never understood her until I grew up to be a woman
Later I realized when we shared a bond of mother- daughter union;

Ma, what a pleasure lying in your lap
I never understood your worth until I went away from your warmth
You were always there and will be ever
It was I who could not fill the gap

You tolerated me yet loved me unconditionally
It was I who always thought rationally

Had I not considered your worth
I would not have ended up in this mirth;

However I have known your love now
You are the only one in front of whom I bow;

God bless every one with a mother like you
You are the sparkle that shines on the leaves with a drop of dew;

I love you Ma for all you are
You are the sunshine that reaches me every morning no matter how far


When I get up in the morning, I hear the birds chirping and water streaming
I feel the fragrance in the air and my hopes dreaming
I live in a heaven that’s called home

I feel myself flying in the air
I feel connected to God, and my senses soaring and my desires flare
I live in a heaven that’s called home

I love the aroma of the countryside,
I love the trees, the mountains and I can stare at them all day, and play with the leaves all dried
I live in a heaven that’s called home

Oh what a calm place,
my heart yearns for it, its all green and romantic, gives my eyes solace
 I live in a heaven that’s called home

Love at first sight

I never believed in love at first sight and thought it was an illusion
But when I saw the sparkle in your eyes, I fell into their delusion;

I shouldn’t have carried my feelings so far
And felt my dreams go sour;

Talk to me no more, and see me not now
My heart aches for you, coz I fell in love


Life is a struggle from cradle to grave
Life is a journey not a moment to crave;
Life is a hassle, to resolve, to tackle
Life is when we always wait for a miracle;
Life is when a hungry child cries
Life is when, to feed him, his mother strives;
Life is when a lover waits for his love
Life is when his hopes fly like a dove;
Life is what you and I call fun
Ask those who have never seen that shining sun

How I wish

I did enough to make you come to me,
It’s your turn; I leave rest to thee;
Are you scared of my rejection or your own confusion
You know that I love you, then why this delusion;
I have seen you looking at me when none is around
How I wish in your arms I surround;
Come let’s forget the world and embrace each other,
Let’s fall in love and stay together

Last night in Kashmir

I remember the dreadful night when I asked my mother if we were going to die
Ma pulled me in her arms and said that we going to peacefully lie;
I wondered if it was a nightmare or the reality
People lying dead in blood and falling prey to their cruelty;
Did they have no hearts?
When they saw bodies and their parts;
Didn’t they have mercy in their eyes
When they heard peoples’ cries;
What have they done to my heaven
Don’t they realize it’s inhuman;
God, give them faith, give them peace, and lessen their wrath
I can see no more, help me calm my soul coz I am losing my faith.